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Who We Are

Saudi Arabia Fixer is the Sister company to Oman Fixer, a company started by English-Omani brothers Sami and Jassim.

Having spent the best part of 7 years fixing for high-profile productions in Oman (BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery) and been approached numerous times for fixing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the brothers decided to expand.

Head of Production, Jassim has worked extensively in the region, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, as a sound recordist and drone operator for UK production companies, as he was based in London for over 12 years. 

We have teamed up with accomplished Saudi director and producer based in Riyadh, to provide a dependable fixing and production facilitation service for the many European productions looking to film in the Kingdom.

Having intimate knowledge of both languages, and more importantly, cultures, makes Saudi Arabia Fixer the perfect go-between for client and production companies, ensuring shoots run as smoothly as possible.


"Working with Sami and Jassim was a brilliant experience, when I was told “it isn’t possible” Oman Fixer made it happen. They were always professional and dedicated to helping you achieve your filming ambitions and it was because of this that we received, in a very short amount of time, filming permits. They we integral to getting us permission to bring in specialist filming equipment and not only did they make the whole process smooth, they are joy to work with. They understand the nature of wildlife filmmaking which was reflected in how they operated and also with the personality they employed to be part of the team. I would highly recommend working with this company"

 Miraca Walker, Planet Earth III, BBC Studios Natural History Unit.


Filming permissions and equipment clearance

Crewing and Equipment rental

Commercially licensed

drone pilot and Sound recordist

Logistics, interpreters
and drivers
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